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The Premiere Visual Technology And Experiential Marketing Company

We design, innovate and execute immersive experiences that connect people with brands.

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Projection Mapping

We provide projection technology and content to make any surface come alive. Our interactive, engaging and buzz-worthy 3D illusions on buildings, objects or people get noticed and your message out. Our propriety software and in-house team of content developers create idea centered projection experiences to realize your brands message.



We provide the latest in holographic technology to bring to life people and objects. We’re proud to be the pioneers of Hologram technology in the Middle East and Gulf region. We design, build and manage the installation of large scale 3D holographic projection systems at events, shows, product launches, and conferences to create life-size 3D holograms on stage that can entertain and interact with audiences. Our 3D holograms float on stage with mesmerizing depth, no 3D glasses required.


Augmented Reality

We design, create and execute the ultimate interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. We offer both, mobile and Kiosks solutions.


Our AR installations and kiosks use real time video and overlays text, images, video and 3D content allowing the user to use gestures to interact with objects on the screen. AR kiosks solutions create an immersive environment that allows consumers to intimately relate and interact with brands.


Our mobile AR solutions allow instant interactions with the environment. From simple overlaying of frame to using QR codes to overlay 3D animation on mobile view finders, we do it all.


Animation Studio

Our comprehensive and experienced in-house content development team creates some of the best animation in the industry. We offer design, development and storyboarding capabilities.


Interactive Artistic Installations

We are pioneers in the field of Interactive Artistic Installations creating never before done one of a kind gesture and touch based installations. Our propriety gesture systems are on the cutting edge of both research and industry standard systems.



To support our mantra of being a holistic experiential technologies company, we offer Web and Mobile Application development as well as Digital and social Media marketing services so that your brands consumer takes the experience home.

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